Cooking With Yuengling

Cooking With Yuengling® Recipe Videos

Sit back and watch the videos as All-N-Food VP of Culinary & Product Innovation, Chef Brent Wertz, cooks up a few recipes using Yuengling BBQ Sauces, Wing Sauces, and of course, Yuengling beer.

All of the 8 videos in this winter series were shot by All-N-Food VP of Business Operations, Danny Scott, at the Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Great setting, great ingredients, great food, great beer.

Pottsville Pot Roast BBQ

All-N-Food's Executive Chef Brent Wertz creates a tasty beef BBQ using Pot Roast and Yuengling Traditional Lager BBQ Sauce.

Double Bacon BBQ Scallops

Prepared with Yuengling Bacon Flavored BBQ Sauce. Bacon, scallops, BBQ sauce... the perfect blend of smokey and sweet.

Bacon BBQ Burgers

Yuengling Bacon Flavored BBQ Sauce is the key to Chef Brent Wertz's alternative to the standard hamburger.

Smoked Porter Marinade

Chef Brent Wertz prepares a tasty, handy marinade with Yuengling Porter Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce for red meat, chicken, and fish.

Honey Barbecued Short Ribs

Executive Chef Brent Wertz slow cooks beef short ribs flavored with Yuengling Black & Tan Honey Barbecue Sauce.

Spicy Turkey Burgers

Executive Chef Brent Wertz grills up some Spicy Turkey Burgers flavored with a dash of Yuengling Mild Wing Sauce.

Hot Shrimp

Do you like your shrimp hot & spicy? Jumbo shrimp hors d'oeuvres flavored with Yuengling Traditional Lager Hot Wing Sauce


Back to comfort food. Chef Brent Wertz whips up a batch of chili suitable for the dinner table or tailgating.