News: Oct. 8, 2014

All-N-Food Brings Together Two Legendary Pennsylvania Brands to Create One Great Potato Chip

Yuengling Traditional Lager Hot Wing Sauce Provides Spicy Flavor for New Utz Potato Chips

HANOVER, PA - October 8, 2014

Nothing says fall tailgating like spicy hot wings, cold beer and a fresh bag of crispy potato chips. Now snack fans can have the best of all three in one delicious, flavor-packed product: YUENGLING HOT WING SAUCE POTATO CHIPS. All-N-Food, LLC and Utz Quality Foods, Inc. are pleased to announce the launch of this new limited edition item that combines the tangy goodness of Yuengling Hot Wing sauce with the beloved, all-natural taste of Utz Classic Potato Chips.

"At Utz, we know a lot about making a great-tasting potato chip and the Yuengling Hot Wing sauce adds just the right mix of peppers for a blast of heat with a slight sweetness. They are a wonderful addition to our extensive family of chips," said Chuck Tullis, Vice President of Utz Brands.

All-N-Food, creator of seven tasty wing and barbecue sauces infused with a variety of Yuengling beer styles, has brought together two family-led, Pennsylvania-based companies – Utz and D.G. Yuengling & Sons, Inc., America's Oldest Brewery – to create the new chips, which are now available wherever Utz products are sold.

Danny R. Scott and Brent E. Wertz are the two guys behind All-N-Food, a trademark licensing company that first partnered with Yuengling in 2012.

"As Pennsylvania guys, Brent and I are honored to help bring these two legendary brands together to create one amazing chip," said Danny Scott, partner and vice president of Business Operations for All-N-Food.

The partnership between All-N-Food and D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. has produced three wing sauces and four barbecue sauces. The three wing sauces – Yuengling Light Lager Mild Wing Sauce, Yuengling Medium Lager Wing Sauce and Yuengling Lager Hot Wing Sauce – are available in 13-ounce bottles and were introduced in early 2013. All-N-Food's seven barbecue and wing sauces are carried in more than 5,000 grocery stores and retail outlets in 17 Eastern and Mid-Atlantic States.

"Yuengling is proud to be associated with Utz, another family-owned Pennsylvania company," said Dick Yuengling, fifth-generation owner of D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. "As we celebrate our 185th Anniversary, we recognize the commitment to quality and the dedication it takes to keep a business local and successful. "Yuengs and Wings" has been a long time combination in PA bars and restaurants. We're pleased that Danny and Brent have paired their great wing sauce with Utz's quality products to create this package."

Utz Yuengling Flavored Potato Chips