News: May 21, 2013

Former A.B. Executives Partner With Restaurant For Pasta Sauce Launch

ST. LOUIS, MO - May 21, 2013

All-N-Food LLC, a St. Louis-based specialty food company founded by former Anheuser-Busch Executives Danny Scott and Brent Wertz, in partnership with St. Louis restaurateur Joe Sanfilippo, is thrilled to announce the retail launch of J.F. Sanfilippo's Pasta Sauces. Customers who have long raved about the Marinara and "Giuseppe" Vodka sauces at Sanfilippo's two restaurants (J.F. Sanfilippo's in Downtown St. Louis, and Filippo's Italian Kitchen and Bar in Chesterfield) will now be able to purchase the sauces directly at all area Dierberg's and Shop N Save grocery stores beginning May 23, 2013.

The partnership began when an executive for All-N-Food LLC reached out to Joe Sanfilippo following a post-football game meal at J.F. Sanfilippo's Restaurant. "As always, I ordered the Rigatoni Giuseppe, made with Joe's delicious vodka sauce. I immediately approached Joe about the possibility of partnering with ANF to take his great tasting sauces to retail," said Danny Scott, Partner and Vice President of Business Operations for All-N-Food LLC.

"The concept of selling my sauces in grocery stores has been something I have thought about over the years and after learning more about ANF, their business plan, and their commitment to create great tasting high quality food products, I made the decision to partner with them," said Joe Sanfilippo.

Recreating the popular sauces from the Sanfilippo family of restaurants was no easy task, but one that Executive Chef Brent Wertz, C.E.C., A.A.C, was interested in tackling. "The J.F. Sanfilippo sauces are produced to be brand extensions for a St. Louis restaurant tradition. The opportunity to take Joe's sauces and recreate them in a bottle for folks to purchase in local stores presented some challenges but all of which we were able to navigate. Sanfilippo's is well known for great pasta with a naturally sweet marinara boasting chunky tomatoes, fresh garlic and a touch of basil. We were able to source the perfect tomato from Italy giving this sauce an authentic flavor right from the start. The use of wholesome, quality based ingredients allows these sauces to stand apart from competition and really encompass the Sanfilippo mindset in a convenient take home jar," explained Chef Brent, who serves as Partner and Vice President of Culinary and Product Innovation for ANF.

Currently, the line of sauces will consist of the following two varieties:

  • J.F. Sanfilippo's Marinara Sauce: Light flavorful tomato sauce that intermingles a balance of fresh vegetables and herbs. In addition to fresh garlic, onion and olive oil, the finish combines nicely with refreshing acidity. This sauce offers a crushed texture with enough body to cling to the pasta.
  • J. F. Sanfilippo's "Giuseppe" Vodka Sauce: A balance of sweet, tangy, spicy and creamy fresh tomato flavor brought forward by a combination of red pepper, pecorino cheese, heavy cream and a gentle nudge of vodka. A homemade, well balanced flavor with a slightly chunky texture with plenty of body to coat a variety of pastas.

The Sanfilippo sauces will be available in all Dierberg's and Shop N Save grocery stores beginning in May 23rd. The goal of the partnership is to soon offer the product in all retail stores that offer pasta sauces.

Sanfilippo Marinara Sauce