News: January, 2012

New Yuengling Food Products D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. Has Teamed up with All-N-Food, LLC. to Introduce a Line of Barbecue and Wing Sauces

POTTSVILLE, PA - January 2012

Danny R. Scott and Brent Wertz, two former A-B executives, are partners and founders of All-N-Food, LLC. This newly formed trademark licensing company is focused on creating opportunities for companies, organizations and institutions to grow brand awareness, increase sales and drive revenue by developing superior quality branded food line extensions.

All-N-Food and Yuengling's partnership began when Danny and Brent reached out to Jen Holtzman (Marketing Manager) of D.G. Yuengling about creating a line of food products that not only compliment the great taste of Yuengling family of beers but also uses Yuengling beer in the product. Danny Scott, Partner/VP of Business Operations stated, "Since Brent and I both grew up in PA, me in Philadelphia and Brent in Danville, we were very familiar with Yuengling beer. So when we were developing a list of companies we wanted to work with and products we wanted to develop, Brent and I agreed that Yuengling would be a great fit with ANF and was one of the first companies we wanted to meet with after forming our company."

"We were intrigued with the concept that ANF presented", said Jen Holtzman. "We are approached constantly by companies that would like to use the Yuengling name on their products. The difference with ANF is the guys have extensive backgrounds in both beer and food and we really liked the fact that we are included in the development process from start to finish."

ANF also had to convince Dick Yuengling that they could create a product that would not tarnish the Yuengling Brand. "After meeting with Danny and Brent I felt very comfortable that they could not only create really good products, but they also understood the importance of quality to me, our employees, retailers and customers. I am extremely pleased with the line of sauces they have developed," said Dick Yuengling.

Executive Chef Brent Wertz, C.E.C., A.A.C. Partner/VP of Culinary & Product Innovation for ANF, created the Yuengling recipes. In addition, he is VP of Food and Beverage/ Executive Chef at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, PA. Nemacolin is one of six resorts in the country that boasts Forbes 5 Star/ AAA 5 Diamond Dining and Lodging. LauTrec - one of twenty-one five star/five-diamond restaurants, Chef Wertz also oversees 7 other restaurants including Aqueous, one of 2 four-star/four diamond steak houses in the US. "These products are brand extensions meant to appeal to current customers and create an opportunity for new consumers to find a flavorful road to Yuengling products. Given Yuengling's commitment to quality, consistency, and great tasting beer, we used those same characteristics in creating the Yuengling sauces. Using the best ingredients, carefully monitoring the manufacturing process and having a 30 year understanding of the American palette contributed to what I think is a very deep and flavorful line of sauces that will appeal to consumers.

While developing the barbecue sauces, we created a rich color rendered by tomato and molasses that visually yells flavor, provides a consistency that will adhere to all foods and, when grilled will further enhance the natural sweet and caramel flavors that bless food when sugars start to caramelize. The addition of a mix of hickory and apple smoke is added to the Porter BBQ sauce to create a smoky but not over powering taste. An addition of real honey to the Black and Tan maximizing the caramel and coffee tones of the beer make for great flavor pairings within the sauce. As for the wing sauces, they are complex flavors of butter, vinegar, and spices blended perfectly to build heat as you dine but not blow you away. From mild, through medium to hot, the wing sauces maintain a consistent flavor while building in heat intensity.

Sauce flavor descriptions are below:

  • Yuengling Traditional Barbecue Sauce (Lager): An intense sauce that is full of flavor, well balanced, and excitingly unique. This tomato-based sauce has a great balance between earthy tomato, vinegar and garden fresh flavors like garlic and onion.
  • Yuengling Hickory Smoked Barbecue Sauce (Porter): A variation of the Yuengling BBQ sauce diversifying a traditional barbeque flavor with a smoky but not overpowering addition, resulting in a slightly tart balance with subtle sweetness.
  • Yuengling Honey Barbecue Sauce (Black & Tan): A combination of flavors highlighting a subtle honey sweetness while maintaining the Yuengling BBQ sauce core elements of tomato, vinegar, and fresh flavors of the garden.
  • Yuengling Mild Wing Sauce (Light Lager): A great balance of full butter, vinegar and garlic flavors to round out a very balanced sauce, concentrating not only on the flavor but also the heat.
  • Yuengling Medium Wing Sauce (Lager): A perfect balance of heat, slight sweetness, butter and garlic flavor, finishing with a pallet cleansing burst of vinegar.
  • Yuengling Hot Wing Sauce (Lager): A hearty blast of heat, slight sweetness, and a vinegar finish to help cool down the experience. A vibrant mix of peppers allows the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the tasting process.

"The Yuengling sauces will be available in Food Lion stores in NC, SC, VA, OH and PA just in time for Super Bowl parties", states Danny Scott. "Additional major grocery and club stores up and down the East Coast will be rolling out the brand early this spring. The sauces will also be available at the Yuengling gift shop in Pottsville, PA."

Yuengling Traditional, Hickory Smoked, and Honey Barbecue sauces are available in 20-ounce bottles.

The Yuengling Mild, Medium, and Hot Wing sauces are available in 13-ounce bottles.

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