June 29, 2017

For the past few months All-N-Food has been preparing for and hoping to get an invitation to Walmart's "Made in America" meeting.

Walmart invites over 700 vendors in every category from the thousands that apply to Bentonville, Arkansas. The event gives vendors the opportunity to meet with Walmart executives and decision makers to present their products for consideration in Walmart stores.

Every vendor that is invited to Bentonville is guaranteed a place on but not guaranteed in store placement. As part of the process, vendors have to meet with category buyer(s) to get selected for in store placement. If you leave the buyer meeting with a green card, your products are approved for retail sales in Walmart stores.

All-N-Food was fortunate enough to have been invited to buyer meetings for our dry rubs and sauces. We left Bentonville yesterday with TWO green cards! Our Yuengling line of dry rubs, BBQ and Wing sauces.

We can't thank Walmart enough for this great opportunity. It truly was an awesome day for All-N-Food!

Danny Scott and Brent Wertz
All-N-Food in Walmart
Danny Scott and Brent Wertz

All-N-Food Products

Slim Jim® Sauces

All-N-Food presents a selection of BBQ, Wing & Hot Sauces incorporating that unmistakable Slim Jim flavor.

Yuengling® Barbecue Sauces

All-N-Food presents a flavorful selection of barbecue sauces made with a variety of Yuengling's most popular beers.

Yuengling® Wing Sauces

All-N-Food presents a flavorful selection of wing sauces made with a variety of Yuengling beers. Mild, Medium, & Hot.

Yuengling® Dry Rubs & Spices

All-N-Food partners with Yuengling to present this tasty selection of four barbecue dry rubs and seasonings.

Sanfilippo's Sauces

Customers have long raved about the Marinara and “Giuseppe” Vodka sauces at Sanfilippo’s restaurants.

Utz / Yuengling Potato Chips

UTZ, in partnership with All-N-Food, bring to you potato chips flavored with Yuengling Traditional BBQ and Wing sauces.


All-N-Food is an LLC and a partnership established by two individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion from the business world and the food and beverage industry respectively.

Danny Scott and Brent Wertz are two long-time friends and business associates who partnered to create a trademark licensing company focused on creating opportunities for companies, organizations and institutions to grow their brand awareness, increase sales and drive revenue by developing customized quality branded food line extensions to compliment the unique features of their brands.

All-N-Food will develop food products in the following categories: sauces (BBQ, wing, pasta), salad dressings, condiments, marinades, dry rubs and specialty products focused on various consumer segments.

In addition to providing our licensing partners and consumers with outstanding high quality food products, we are also committed to providing support to those in need.

Because of our commitment to helping others, All-N-Food, LLC will create a charitable fund and donate a portion of the profits from every unit sold to accomplish two very important and worthwhile endeavors: Help feed those in need and support the educational efforts of children in under served communities through food donations.

Danny Scott
Brent Wertz
Danny Scott